Buni Media is a big and diverse family of multi-talented and multi-skilled individuals. Meet some of them here:

Buni Media is governed by a 7-member Board of Directors whose responsibility is to offer overall strategic guidance, and to formulate policies, procedures, and strategies for the organization. 

Executive Chairman

Board Member

Board Member & Business Development

Board Member


The producers are responsible for the overall coordination of various productions, managing not only the artistic vision of each project, but also the logistical aspects f on-set activities

Producers: Ross Franks, Khaemba Edward, King Muriuki, Neema Bagamuhunda


Heads of Department are in charge of every facet of Buni Media’s production process. H.O.Ds are team leaders who coordinate the activities of the entire crew, while offering creative direction on Buni Media’s projects. 


A uniquely skilled and experienced team of puppeteers brings Buni Media’s puppets to life. The puppeteers have amassed decades of experience working with different types of puppets in a variety of projects around the world. 


Buni Media’s production crew is a team of highly skilled and dedicated individuals who are involved in the implementation of a variety of projects at the organization. Pooling decades of experience, the crew holds exceptional capacity in the production of video, audio, animation, and puppet shows in various genres, commercials, and in documentaries. 


Bun Media’s capacity team steers the organization’s activities towards the implementation of our strategic plan, and is involved in fundraising, communication, planning, reporting, and accounting for various projects.