Ask Dr. Pamoja is a video and audio series that is designed to address children on a wide variety of issues in an exciting and engaging way. It is based on a couple of puppet characters: the patient and informative Dr. Pamoja, and Bali, his excitable sidekick. In each episode, Bali raises questions or expresses concern about pertinent issues, and Dr. Pamoja responds with factual information in a way that is easy to understand.

The series was launched in 2020, in response to the covid-19 pandemic; the premiere series of Ask Dr. Pamoja is designed to raise awareness about the novel coronavirus and to share information about how to minimize the risk of infection.

The first series of Ask Dr. Pamoja has been produced in five different languages: English, Kiswahili, Kikamba, Dholuo, and Kikuyu. It has been produced in both video and audio formats, suited for distribution on TV, radio, and social media.

Ask Dr. Pamoja is currently reaching a national TV audience on Citizen TV, through a partnership with the National Business Compact on Coronavirus working on behalf of the National Emergency Response Committee on Coronavirus.

It is also running on the UNICEF web platform “Internet Of Good Things – Kenya,” and the UNESCO Chair at Glasgow University is using Ask Dr. Pamoja videos for outreach and education on arts and disease prevention.

The series is being distributed on various social media platforms.

Dr. Pamoja can address a wide variety of topics, with a focus on physical health, mental health, and ethics.

Ask Dr. Pamoja is produced through a partnership between Project Hand Up, Buni Media, and the Kenya Institute of Puppet Theatre (K.I.P.T), with Puppets 254.