Buni Media is a multimedia organization involved in the development, production, and distribution of video, audio, animation, digital and print publication content; in the organization and curation of events; and in training and capacity building.

Vision: An informed, active, open, just and accountable African society.

Mission: To use the power of storytelling, media, and creative expression to fight for an open and accountable society, participatory governance, Freedom of Expression, and to grow the creative ecosystem.

Strategic Goals: 

Buni Media’s strategic goals are:

  • To promote social justice;

  • To promote participatory governance and informed citizenry;

  • To develop a robust training and capacity development activity; and

  • To strengthen the governance structure and institutional sustainability of the organization.

Thematic Areas:

Through various projects, we are expanding the space for Freedom for Expression, influencing opinions and inspiring action about social and political issues, transforming civic education, and contributing to the growth of the creative ecosystem in East Africa.

2020 – 2022 Focus:

Our focus is on projects that enhance transparency, democracy and good governance across the continent, with a primary focus on Kenya.

This is driven by the realization that corruption and the mismanagement of public funds have an enormous negative effect on the delivery of critical public services like healthcare, law enforcement, education and environmental protection[1], and are thus major drivers of inequality and social injustice in general.

Projects & Activities:

Our main projects and activities are:

  • The XYZ Show

  • Katiba

  • From Here to Timbuktu

  • Ask Dr. Pamoja

  • Geedka Mooska

  • Ogas At The Top


Our main partners are:

  • Ford Foundation

  • Open Society

  • Forum Civ

  • Lambent Foundation

  • National Endowment for Democracy N.E.D