The XYZ Show Survey (2020)

In 2020, we launched a survey to assess the impact of The XYZ Show. We wanted to understand the Show’s strengths, as well as areas in which we can improve in our contribution to nurturing a democratic culture.


We set out to get a snapshot of our audience: their perspective of the Show, the impact that our content has had on them, especially with regards to issues that we’re passionate about (corruption, citizen participation, etc), and what they would want to see in the future.


With up to 43.6% of respondents admitting that the Show has a significant impact on their thoughts and actions about social and political issues, we learnt that The XYZ Show continues to play a major role in encouraging better political awareness among Kenyans and promoting citizen participation, dialogue, and good governance.


Below is the full report.

The XYZ Show_Survey 2020_Report_Final


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