Infotrak Research & Consulting Survey on The XYZ Show

Between 2012 and 2013, Infotrak Research & Consulting conducted a study on the impact of The XYZ Show. The survey results show that The XYZ Show’s awareness is highest amongst youth 18-29 year-old (65%), but also evenly matched going up, with 46% for 30-39, and 43% for 50-59, suggesting that the younger people watch it with older individuals, and that The XYZ Show is actually a strong family brand and a subject of family conversation. Other findings show that:

– The XYZ Show’s viewers are massively attracted by the show’s humor: 74% said it was funny, while 37% also said it was entertaining, 25% creative, and 18% satirical. The XYZ Show should not be seen as a program whose messages hit home stealthily. These responses indicate an unusually high rate of success if they are used as a “proxy” measure.

– 24% of the respondents also spontaneously mentioned that the appreciated The XYZ Show’s portrayal of politicians “in a different light”, referring to the show’s efforts to bring political figures down to a level where they can be legitimately criticized.

– Finally 1 in 3 respondents claimed that The XYZ Show had changed their perception of politicians. Indeed 25% of respondents indicated that the show has influenced their democratic choices.

Below is the full report.

The XYZ Show_Survey 2020_Report_Final

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